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«Herb Hunters -2018»

Help to save
the environment and get
a trip to Baikal!

Build a team of 5 people and develop a project under the Green Wave program. 20 best ideas will get a grant for 50% of the project cost, while the best team will set out on a thrilling eco-expedition to Lake Baikal!

Registration of teams for the contest " Herb Hunters -2018" will be opened on the website herbhunters.ru 04/17/2018.

Five friends – one idea!

Think global! We crave the most creative, original and the boldest ideas
as that's a sure way to succeed in big goals. Catch the Green wave, get inspired and help us
save the world!

Send the questionnaire with the note "Hurb Hunters-2018".

It will be a
once-in-a-lifetime trip!

  • Cruise in waters of the deepest lake in the world.
  • Hiking on the Great Baikal Trail.
  • A meal made of freshly caught Baikal fish.
  • An excursion to the most famous destination on Olkhon Island – Khoboy cape.

Adventures await you!

The main reward
is an opportunity to change
the world for the better

Saving the environment even a small step counts. Realize your ideas, attract
public attention and win the grant to put your projects into action!

Don't know how to start saving the world? We will give you some tips!
During the expedition, you will participate in the
creation of eco-path and plant trees, find out how to conserve Baikal
endemics and become a responsible tourist who takes care of the environment.

It's a win-win offer!

Every contest participant will get a guaranteed prize from the primary sponsor –
Siberian Health!

The Contest «Herb Hunters -2017»

how it all began

How did you spend this summer? At the seaside? In the countryside? Overseas? Anyway, the journey of herb hunters was absolutely something to get jealous of! This year the Contest was even more exciting: new bright impressions, new trips, a lot of positive emotions and adrenaline. So now lets follow the most bright and thrilling moments of the Herb Hunters!

Участие в конкурсе приняли жители 22 стран. Мы получили тысячи работ со всех уголков мира. Выбрать лучшие было нереально сложно (но мы справились!), и вот десять счастливчиков собирают рюкзаки. Путешествие ждет!

first adventures

First discoveries awaited winners in Novosibirsk. They visited Siberian Health office to get acquainted with Company and learn more about its history. Besides, they were given a traveling kit of Siberian Health: Sun Care Body Lotion SPF 30, Sun Care Face Cream SPF 50, Garnet and Silver Siberian Propolis, Energy Box and Siberian propolis toothpaste..

On the way to Altai our hunters visited the Chuya highway museum in Biysk to learn more about features of Altai nature. Knowledge is power, as they say. Given that the real wild Siberian nature was ahead – it was vital to be ready to face it! Right after arriving travelers visited "Kholmogory" arboretum (that's where the obtained knowledge came in handy!) and learned about Siberian plants properties in detail.

truly siberian – for people!

The following days hunters were busy as a bee (no way to get bored, as so many interesting things all-around!). They visited "Lesnaya dacha" tourist complex, climbed to Devil's Finger mountain, hiked towards Kishta and Korbu falls located on Lake Teletskoye, visited monastery on the Patmos island, went on an excursion to the Chemalskaya Hydropower station and tasted honey from the local bee yard. In the last evening the hunters recited their verses about Altai in front of bonfire and in the morning they set off to the new manufacturing unit of Siberian Health.

truly innovate - for people

Our hunters were impressed not only by the breathtaking Siberian nature, but also by cutting-edge manufacturing facilities of the Company.

In 2007 the Company opened modern manufacturing unit in order to satisfy fast-growing sales needs. The Company is constantly extending its product range, by bringing more than 25 new products on the market every year. In 2010 the production unit underwent large-scale expansion and upgrading. The products formulas are constantly renewed in compliance with current scientific developments and advances. Manufacturing facilities successfully completed ISO and GMP certification. The same year Siberian Health opened representative office in the USA.

In September 2016 the Company solemnly opened new modern hi-tech complex; innovative facilities and strict quality control help significantly increase the quantity of output products. The total area of new manufacturing unit accounts for 16 000 sq. m. that places not only necessary equipment, but also logistics centers. Three-story building houses tablet manufacturing section and laboratory complex (physical-chemical testing and microbiology laboratories). Six-story building places sections of gelatin sweets, whey bars, sports nutrition and premium cosmetics manufacturing.

I was always interested how plant raw material is prepared, processed, stored and used. I saw everything first-hand and was surprised by effective teamwork, smooth-running operation and strict observance of production standards. Now I have no doubt that Siberian Health products are of high quality!

the winner of «herb hunters – 2017» contest.