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"100 Ha" press release

"100 Ha" Project is an eco-project aimed at restoring and protecting forests. This is a regular Siberian Wellness tree-planting campaign, which uses network marketing business techniques. As part of the campaign, we plan to plant 100 hectares of forest in Russia and 60 other countries each year.

Who we are?

Siberian Wellness is a Russian manufacturing company with an international presence. We produce and promote natural, safe products for an active lifestyle. Using natural Siberian ingredients, we are well aware of the value of care for the environment.

The state does not impose obligations on companies in our segment to restore natural resources. However, as a responsible manufacturer, we are aware that we are leaving a carbon footprint. And we want to minimize it.


In 2020, the Company joined the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have chosen six areas, in which we work to create environmentally friendly production, packaging, stores and offices, develop courses on eco-education, hold eco-events and organize campaigns for the protection of nature.

To fight against climate change and its consequences, we decided to apply the business technologies of network marketing.

What we have done?

  • We have developed the concept of the project.
  • We have reached an agreement with state agencies to allocate land for planting.
  • We have worked through the mechanics of attracting investment.
  • We have attracted Consultants, Clients and Siberian Wellness employees from various countries as volunteers.
  • They have planted 113.39 hectares of forest in 13 countries with the participation of more than 4,000 volunteers.


What began as a small eco-initiative has now expanded internationally and continues to evolve. "100 Ha" is not only about planting trees, but also about expert participation, audience eco-education, and public awareness.

Siberian Wellness has an audience of 300,000 people. With the help of this resource, we plan to make tree planting in Russia and 60 countries where the Company operates a regular occurrence.

13 countries

Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and Vietnam.

7 republics

Altai, Buryatia, Bashkiria, Tatarstan, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chuvashia.

6 krays

Altai, Primorsky, Zabaikalsky, Stavropolsky, Khabarovsky, and Krasnoyarsky.

10 regions

Omsk, Tomsk, Penza, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Saratov, Kaluga, Lipetsk, Samara and Sverdlovsk.

Portrait of an active project participant

Our audience is Consultants and Clients of Siberian Wellness, as well as people who are not indifferent to environmental problems and live in more than 60 countries where the Company operates.

Most often they are young women with average income and clearly defined family values. They have grown children and enough time to do business, develop, be eco-active, instill environmental literacy in the younger generation, and think about their children's future.

Also among our audience, there are many active young people who live a healthy lifestyle, play sports, take responsibility for everything they can affect, and care about environmental issues.

Interesting facts

Chain communication

One of the key goals was to formulate a call to action for local opinion leaders: Consultants, Clients and Company employees. It was they who helped attract volunteers, those who are close to the idea of personal participation in the restoration of the "lungs of the planet".

We have developed and given the opinion leaders an algorithm that covers all steps of the process, from coordinating planting plots with regional administrations to finding sponsors and organizing volunteer work.

A reasonable choice of locations

Our choice of planting locations often associated with real tragedies:

  • we have supported the restoration of forests in Turkey after mass arson;
  • we have joined the project of the Madrid municipality after the paralyzing snowfall,
  • we have planted forests in many areas of Siberia given the ecological disaster in Yakutia.
Mandatory agrotechnical careDuring the first years after planting the seedlings have to be cared for. We do not just plant trees, we make sure that proper agronomic care is provided.


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