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Step into the future»
Clean up your life with 10 useful eco-habits to save the environment right now.
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Step into the future»
Clean up your life with 10 useful eco-habits to save the environment right now.
About the course
It's straightforward to take care of yourself and your environment. A conscious society rises out of the spark of one person's contribution. This course is designed to show you easy path to embedding sustainability in all aspects of your life: nutrition, sorting waste, shopping, and even housekeeping. You will discover the beauty (and importance!) of a "green" outlook on life and swiftly update for good.
Simple and useful daily habits will make your life sustainable and our planet healthy. It's not only emotionally rewarding but practical and profitable: an eco-friendlier life can improve the quality of life without busting your budget. You'll learn to make a few worthwhile, high-quality purchases, instead of multiple unsustainable ones meant for planned obsolescence. During this course, you will take a fresh look at every corner of your life and green them up as needed.
You are an ideal fit for this course if you:
Are you going to live on this planet
Are ready to save where it's needless to spend
Want your children to live in a clean and beautiful world
Can't stand the massive amounts of garbage around, and you're keen to build eco-habits and share them with others
Agree that a single person's contribution matters and are ready to start with yourself
Are interested in eco-volunteering, sorting and minimizing waste, green consumption or organic nutrition
«Be the change that you wish to see in the world».
Mahatma Gandhi
For those who are health-conscious and strive to protect themselves and their loved ones from environmental aggressors.
Who is the course for?
For families who want to live in a culture of sustainable consumption.
For lovers of active tourism, willing to reach out to others with easy ways of eco-friendly traveling.
For those keen to bring people's attention to environmental problems through simple practical guides and tips, rather than abstract instructions and lectures.
For those who are interested in green housekeeping.
For those who strive to reduce their waste footprint and keep the Earth clean.
For those who are not willing to waste the planet's resources.
What will you achieve by the end of the course?
Explore the environmentalists' perspective: statistics, outstanding and inspiring stories, sources of information and forecasts based on them.
Improve the quality of your life, within your usual budget range. Take a fresh look at your daily expenses, practices, and actions. Your finances will stop slipping through your fingers, thanks to intentionality!
Become a part of a conscious community with forward thinking on consumption habits.
Find out more about negative human impact on the environment, and what you personally can do to push forward positive changes.
Get acquainted with advanced Russian and international environmental conservation practices.
Maintain your well-being. Reduce the risks of health problems by taking simple actions.
Share insightful ideas on how to save the planet with your friends. Being on the same wavelength with your close ones and feeling their support is very important. During the course, you will learn psychological tricks to be heard and successfully communicate your values.
You will know exactly what can and cannot be recycled. Learn how to sort waste and where to take recyclables. Find out how your old and unnecessary items can help in closing the waste loop, so that less things end up in a landfill every year.
Take your first eco-step!
Who will you learn with?
Roman Sablin
  • The first eco-coach in Russia
  • Co-founder of the Green Driver company, co-founder and expert of the Eco-Coaches School and the Environmentalists School
  • Ecologist with 10 years of experience
  • Author of “Green Driver: The Clue to Sustainable Urban Life”
Anastasiya Gusakova
  • Certified eco-coach
  • Leading Eco-Consultant for Green Driver
  • Specialist on sustainable packaging
Marina Artyukh
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Expert
  • Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Siberian Wellness (deals with environmental issues, controls adherence to the strategy for sustainable development, manages The World Around You Charitable Foundation)
What topics will you study?
What is CSR, and why we are dealing with environmental issues?
How to become an eco-volunteer?
Ecotourism: how and where do eco-conscious tourists travel?
Zero Waste, or How to reduce your waste
Waste disposal methods: recycling as a pillar of circular economy.
How to organize separate waste collection at home?
Green consumption: how to be an eco-friendly consumer and how to spot greenwashing
Sustainable diet as the most delicious way to save the planet
Free of charge
The most beneficial eco-habits