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main threat –

during expeditions in 2012–2016 a number of alarming facts were discovered:

  • Destruction of unique natural communities of the Baikal coast,
    especially along the coastline, in places where relic plants grow.
  • Pollution of its waters with wastewater from factories,
    resulted factories, resulted in degradation of the sensitive ecosystem.
  • Irrational and uncontrolled use of natural
    resources by the local population.
  • Poaching and illegal fishing that reduce
    the diversity of flora and fauna species.

Our activities are aimed at changing public opinion, formation of new values in relation to Lake Baikal and creation of new nature-conserving traditions. We believe: only by common forces,
we can change the human attitude to this treasure of nature.

people use baikal throughout the centuries, it is time to pay the debt

Settlements on the shores of Baikal flush15 million cubic meters of waste per year. Meanwhile, there are no wastewater treatment plants for domestic and industrial wastewater, or they are low-efficient. Unfortunately, many people used to pretend that nothing happens, believing that Lake Baikal resources are endless or easily renewable. We aspire to attract attention to the problem and help people, indifferent to the fate of Baikal, to stop the damages.