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save one life –
preserve a species!

snow leopards (irbises) - are the only big cats that adopted to the severe conditions of high mountains. Nowadays thousands of poachers are hunting for their rare and beautiful skin – human became one of the main threats of snow leopards. Each disappeared irbis brings not only its species, but also the entire genus to the extinction, as it is the unique representative of Uncia genus.

there is
no way to hide
from nature!

One more serious problem for snow leopards is the climate change. Melting glaciers and regular droughts contribute to the flora and fauna changing, as a result, snow leopards suffer from long-lasting starvation. According to the World Wildlife Fund climate change can lead to 30% degradation of snow leopards' habitat.

the major emeny is unawareness!

Currently snow leopards remain one of the most under-investigated animals. Its secretive nature, sparse population and remote habitat make this species almost impossible to research. As a result, any help is limited to the work with local population. But it is only a small part of the big problem.

if not us, who?

We are not afraid of challenges and want everyone to care for the conservation of snow leopards as we do. Together with "The World Around You" Charity Foundation you can create and realize the global strategy for saving snow leopards and avert the extinction of this unique species.remember: people pushed these animals to extinction that's why people are responsible for their protection.