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renewable resource
is not renewed

Despite its all wondrous technological advancements humanity still depends on many natural resources like our ancestors throughout the centuries. The wide pread of paperless technologies (tablets, smart phones and computers) anyway failed to stop forests clearance. Nowadays, we build fewer wooden houses and we are almost completely independent of fire, but still we waste the same amount of wood on the production of magazines and newspapers that had been required for towers erection centuries ago. 82% of all damaged forests in the world are renewed naturally or through committed environmental campaigns. However, 95 million of trees are irretrievably disappeared every year.

it is easier than it may seem!

It Is not so complicated to return the planet everything we took throughout centuries as it may firstly seem. If to divide the amount of all trees on Earth to the amount of living people we get 60 trees per person. It means that if each of us plant 60 trees during his life, the number of trees will be doubled.

great things start
with small beginnings!

As one seed turns into the forest, our initiative will return Earth its lungs. Eco-promotion by Siberian Health aimed to save and enlarge forest resources. Tree planting takes place twice a year – in spring and fall. The participants of this event are both Company Consultants and everyone who is concerned about the future of our planet.

it is easier than it may seem!


The first Siberian Health apple garden appeared in fall of 2013 in the park of Mozhga city (Udmurtia).


In 2014–2015 Company Consultants planted more than 500 trees.

On april 22, 2014 the apple-tree garden appeared in Essentuki.

Astrakhan supported the project on may 16th – Company Consultants planted 20 apple trees.

On september 28 fifty apple trees were planted in Izhevsk in the Kirov park.

On october 23 the maple alley was founded in Volgograd within the Margarita Agashina alley.

On october 31 the apple-tree garden of Siberian Health appeared in Astrakhan.

on november 9 the apple-tree garden was laid out within the "Chistyakovskaya Grove" city park in Krasnodar.


The 2015 season started with 100 planted trees in Naberezhnye Chelny on april 25

В апреле был заложен яблоневый сад в Кировском парке (г. Ижевск)

on may 6 thirty seedlings of apple tree, pine, birch and viburnum were planted in the territory of children's rehabilitation center in Novoaleksandrovsk (Stavropol Krai).

on may 8 the Company Consultants planted a whole alley in Ulus-Cherga village, Shebalinsky district, Altai Republic.


in 2016 gardens were laid out in Balkhash in April, in Zarinsk city – in May,
in Volgograd, Essentuki and Ukrainian Kremenchug – in June.


on may 12 the Consultants from Kyrgyzstan conducted a tree-planting campaign in Bishkek.

on july 8-9, a voluntary campaign was held in Gorno-Altaisk.