Siberian Wellness helps people who find themselves in difficult situations due to natural disasters and force majeure circumstances.

Siberia has a big heart. Let's help together!
Siberian Help
Targeted assistance program for those
in need
Time to act!
  1. Donate to The World Around You foundation in Russia – choose to pay by QR-code in your bank's mobile app.
  2. Set up withdrawals from Siberian Wellness Consultants' income to "My eco-fund" in all countries.
How does Siberian Wellness help?
We direct donations to help:
  • displaced people;
  • families with young children in need;
  • World War II veterans, seriously ill and elderly people;
  • employees of the rescue and emergency services.
Help in Russia
Support of socially significant projects with the "Peace and Love" foundation

Humanitarian campaigns of the "Russian Red Cross Society"

Caring for children and homeless people with "Dr. Liza's Fair Aid"
How to help in other countries
Foundations in Poland, Serbia, Moldova, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Germany

list of foundations
We support emergency case management programs
All-Russian campaign to help zoos #WETOGETHER

All zoos in Russia have united to collect food and medicine for the pets of Ukrainian zoos. The campaign started on April 7. We can help! Join in the fundraising to buy everything the animals need and send it to Ukraine.
How to help? Become a volunteer
Become a volunteer
Do you want to act independently or participate in our programs?

Key rule
If you are willing to represent Siberian Wellness as our Consultant, it is IMPORTANT to coordinate your participation as a volunteer with the Company staff. This applies to any event.
  • Are you fundraising with the resources of Siberian Wellness?
  • Do you place our brand name on products, merchandise and others?
  • Do you distribute products for free?
  • Do you broadcast your actions publicly?
Coordinate your actions with your Siberian Wellness representatives!
How to help? Become a mentor
Are you ready to support people in learning new skills and assist them?

Become a volunteer-mentor! Offer your help in different situations:
Do you need help?
If you or people around you need help, send an email to
We will contact you.
Siberian Help takes action now
Thanks to the Siberian Help, people from all over the world get the help they need. Together with volunteer and charitable organizations, we provide targeted financial assistance to those in need, as well as donate immune support sets by Siberian Wellness.
Follow the activities in our Telegram channel and participate in charitable events online.