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our beliefs are what we live for.

Indifference leads you to danger. Which means a planet with no rivers, lakes and forests, but a barren desert,
with robots instead of animals. It's closer than you may suppose. Think of your help: whether to save at last one sprout,
or protect at least one butterfly, or stop someone who throws trash into the sea.

think. desert is already knocking at your door.

fund mission

We owe so much to the Nature – that's why we care about what is happening to it. We act: by reviving forests, participating in real protection of endangered plants and animals, helping committed organizations. Moreover, we support ecology of mind by involving more and more people in active, healthy lifestyle.

healthy planet – healthy nation – healthy man.

Our activities are based on search of scientific solutions regarding environmental protection and effective cooperation with people across the world. We strive to solve problems of social importance and convey the call for help of our planet to everyone.

fund goals:

  • To select professionals, experts in their field, competent and experienced partners, frond of their work, striving to change the world for the better.

  • To jointly plan the partners' activities and draw up work programs.

  • To monitor the implementation of programs and expenditure of monetary resources.

We finance projects that can help Russian and international environmental organizations realize their core competencies (partially or completely).