About The World Around You Siberian Wellness Foundation
The World Around You Foundation organizes projects in the field of wildlife protection and research. Our goal is to develop an eco-aware culture and encourage a volunteer movement. We hold large-scale volunteer campaigns and help people who find themselves in difficult life situations.
Our Foundation works thanks to contributions from Siberian Wellness and private donations from Consultants. In over 12 years we have collected and sent more than 150 million rubles, towards good deeds and this is not the limit!

Siberian Wellness values natural resources. We have been creating wellness and beauty products based on natural ingredients for many years. And we must be grateful! We want to pay nature back with kindness and take care of it.
Siberian Wellness has been doing charity work since its inception in 1996. In 2011, we began to run long-term projects and develop a volunteer movement. For this purpose, we created The World Around You Foundation.
The Foundation team brings together Siberian Wellness employees. While working for the Foundation, we continue to perform job duties at the Company. Most of us have a solid background in marketing, corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and PR.
Personal environmental responsibility also plays a role. If one sorts household garbage and only uses reusable shopper bags – they belong with us!
Project Manager
Svetlana Ivanova,
Foundation Project Manager
Larisa Buyantueva,
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
Marina Artyukh,
the President of Siberian Wellness
Tatyana Gorokhovskaya,
Starting the Foundation and launching a project to protect the snow leopard
Launching Lake Baikal research and conservation project
  • Starting the "Siberian Health Gardens" project
  • Starting project on rational harvesting and plantation cultivation of wild crops in the Republic of Altai
  • Holding the first "Herb Hunters" eco-project competition in Altai
  • Actively supporting healthy lifestyle events
  • Organizing "Herb hunters – 2" contest in Altai
  • Launching the saker falcon recovery program
  • Holding the "Herb Hunters – 3" competition with the participation of an international team, this time in the Altai and Lake Baikal
  • Starting a steppe eagle monitoring project
  • Starting to cooperate with the Lake Baikal Foundation
  • Sponsoring and supporting young athletes at the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk
  • Organizing the "Herb Hunters – 4" competition in Baikal, media and bloggers welcome, come one, come all!
  • Launching the "Let's Support the Lungs of the Planet" project and the "Siberian 5 ha" campaign
  • Starting the "Siberian Help" project for doctors and emergency services during pandemics and natural disasters
Holding the "25 Ha" campaign
  • Announcing the "100 Ha" campaign
  • Launching our project to save the reindeer
  • Initiating the rescue of the bowhead whale population of the Sea of Okhotsk
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