Together, we can change our planet for the better! Our project collaborates with well-known organizations, brands and private experts. We do this because we understand that, all together, we become an unstoppable power that can protect nature.
Project partners
The World Around You Foundation has been cooperating for many years with unique experts: together we make decisions and plan projects to protect wildlife.
Constructive dialogue, regular meetings and planning are the key to success in saving rare species.
Our wards are snow leopard, steppe eagles and saker falcons, bowhead whale.
Groups of scientists and field experts are working on these projects.
Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation (Монголын Ирвэс Тов)
The Mongolian Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation has been engaged in the protection, study and conservation of biodiversity and environmental education since 2001. The Foundation staff have 20 years of experience in protecting, studying, and monitoring snow leopards and other rare animals of Mongolia, Russia, and China.
Bariushaa Munkhtsog (PhD)
President of the Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation (Монголын ирвэс тов), Doctor of Biological Sciences
Address: 54B Prospekt Mira St., Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, 13330, Mongolia
The Lake Baikal Foundation for support of applied environmental research and development
A charitable organization that promotes natural science and humanitarian projects and initiatives to preserve and develop the Baikal natural area and Lake Baikal.
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