Siberian hectare:
Fires are the leading cause of deforestation around the world!
10,000,000 ha of forests burn out annually in Russia.
Our goal: Planting 100 ha of new forest for every year.
This is 0.05% of Russia's total plan to restore green areas.
GOAL FOR 2024: 100 Siberian Wellness green hectares!
Trees planted:
Less than 2% is restored through human effort.
Join Siberian Wellness’s biggest eco-friendly campaign to save the planet!
Choose your option to help the forests
Plant a tree in your country
Where: Your country
How: A volunteer group
There are many groups of volunteers or Siberian Wellness Consultants. Find a team of like-minded people in your country.
Plant a tree nearby your house
Catch our green wave: Plant a tree by your home, and then share your photos and feelings on social media.
Where: Near your home
How: Personal contribution
Happy people – happy planet
Join us, register as a volunteer and go on the greenest campaign! Share the most exciting moments on social media with #plustree, #worldaroundyou hashtags.
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